I’m a Vancouver-based writer and editor researching a book on human rights in Canada, administrative tribunals and the backlash against human rights in Canada. I’m focusing on the fairness of tribunals and the role the administrative tribunal system played in creating the backlash.

In 2010, I was fired from my job as the editor of a newspaper and replaced by a reporter with only six months experience. I took my case to the Human Rights Tribunal and lost. The Chair of the Tribunal, Bernd Walter, said I was fired with cause for not delivering newspapers. The employer was not attempting to make this argument.

My sense of fairness was outraged by this decision and I began to research the role of administrative tribunals and the types of decisions they make. What I discovered was a culture of unaccountability that dehumanizes and devalues claimants and leads to the culture of ridicule we’ve seen in our media in the past 10 years or so.

This is what I plan to explore in my book and I’m looking for personal stories to assist me with this project.


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