Bernd Walter feeds jerks on the Internet, Part 2

This morning I received two comments from a local, I presume, MWHW. That’s “man who hates women” in case you’re wondering.

I didn’t publish the comments because I think there’s enough MWHW on the Internet. However, I think the comments are instructive by what they tell us about who the audience is that Bernd Walter has in mind when he responds to a rather normal case of discrimination by lying about the facts and then trying to publicly discredit the complainant by complaining that they didn’t deliver newspapers or some other suddenly indispensable task. (Yes, delivering the newspaper is indispensible, but it is best done by the person hired to do the job. Otherwise, I would be stealing their job. )

Walter is obviously not playing to a crowd that respects women, knows about the law and legislation, sees both sides of an issue or thinks critically about facts.

He is playing to an audience like MWHW and the Vancouver Courier employee who harassed me. MWHW’s comment called me a liar and asked how I could go “on about things for so long” and not see that I am “wrong”. Oh, I’m sorry. This is a MWHW; so, the correct way of writing words that he thinks are important is: “WRONG”.

The evidence states I am not wrong because I have the affidavit that Chuck Bennett signed and I have the emails where I offered to deliver the papers with the carrier, so that I would not be stealing their job.

But reading evidence is not as fun as having this tribe of MWHW that Walter likes having, who are ready to go to bat for him and trash ethnic women who are trying to succeed at their careers and live a life free from discrimination.

MWHW even trashed me over the baker issue where I was hired to hand out samples in a grocery store and not paid… ever. MWHW missed the part where I said that Employment Standards acknowledged that I, and the other women who were also part of this complaint, did not get paid for our work, but they just didn’t care enough to enforce the law.

Seriously, it boggles the mind that this MWHW is walking around with so much hate in his heart that he has to write comments about a woman he doesn’t even know while there are people in our province basically working for free because the government doesn’t care.